PARKSEC / SafeParks is  a Non-Profit residents’ initiative which is solely focused on the management and implementation of proactive public-space security in the suburbs of Parktown North, Parkhurst and Parkwood.

Parksec / SafeParks is managed by a management committee comprising volunteers whose sole qualifying criteria are that they are residents of Parkhurst or Parktown North and are passionate about ensuring the safety and security of our streets for our families and loved ones.

The Proactive Scheme is funded by voluntary donations from community-minded residents concerned about safety and these funds are used to pay for security vehicles manned by armed personnel to patrol the suburbs to disrupt crime in the public space, hopefully before it happens.  In order to select an appropriate service provider to undertake the pro-active scheme, at its inception, Parksec issued a Request for Proposals to all the major security providers in our area, including Cortac, CSS, ADT and Chubb.  After a competitive bidding process, Cortac was selected as the preferred service provider and they have been implementing the Proactive Scheme since its inception.

Due to the nature of the scheme, the number of vehicles deployed is dependent on the number of contributors which the scheme has.  As at April 2014, Parksec had 677 contributors which meant that it was able to procure two vehicles to patrol the suburbs.  In the face of escalating crime, especially with regard to vehicle theft in Parkhurst, it is essential that the scheme adapt to address these trends.  Accordingly Parksec is currently engaging with service providers to look at rolling out cameras and other crime-deterrent initiatives within the area.

Formed during a period when the residents associations of Parktown North and Parkhurst were dysfunctional and ineffective when it came to security, Parksec is not currently a Residents Association initiative and is autonomous and independent of the respective residents’ associations of the suburbs.  Your contributions to Parksec are solely used to pay for proactive security (with a small percentage being used to pay for a part-time administrator) and do not currently go towards membership of either of the Residents’ Associations.  Thankfully both Residents Associations have enjoyed a reinvigoration and we are currently working closely with both in order to align our goals and objectives.

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