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If you would like to sign-up or enquire about the Parksec security initiative, drop us an email ( with your physical address and contact number and we will arrange for CORTAC to get back to you with a quote.

Postal address. PARKSEC Private Bag X7000 Parklands 2121. Fax 0866-743-127.

Committee 2015

Justin Hawes Chairman
Alexander Amrein

Postal address

Private Bag X7000


Banking account details
McPherson Kruger Trust Account
Standard Bank, Jan Smuts Avenue
Branch code: 00420512
Account number: 402 125746

2 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Mark Gevisser says:

    I have to replace the Safe Park sign on my wall. How do I obtain one?
    Is there a smaller size available ?


    • parksec says:

      Hi Mark

      Yes we will gladly replace your sign. Please just provide us with your street address and house number. Please email this information direclty to

      We only have one size for our signs.


      SafeParks/Parksec Admin

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