Crime Update: 02 December – 15 December 2013

Our regular weekly meetings at Parkview Police station have ended for 2013 and we haven’t received crime stats from SAPS but thought we would send out an update with the incidents we are aware of over the last couple of weeks.


1. Arrest – 10th St (14 Dec) – drug drop-off occurred and Cortac chased the suspects to Randburg SAPS where they were arrested for possession of drugs.

2. Common Robbery cnr 4th Ave and 5th St (10 Dec) – 5 males entered the premises and stole handbags, a laptop and 2 cars (one of which was later recovered in Houghton).

3. Business burglary 4th Ave (9 Dec) – attempted theft of a TV.

4. Vehicle theft in 16th St (12 Dec) – White VW Polo.

5. Attempted vehicle theft  of a VW Polo in 11th St (11 Dec) – suspects escaped in a white Toyota Avanza.

5. Theft from vehicle in 18th St (15 Dec) – car radio stolen.

6. Theft from vehicle in 17th St (15 Dec) – sunglasses were stolen.

Parktown North

1. Residential burglary in Sutherland Ave (7 Dec) – suspects lifted the gate and forced open the front door, taking a TV and watch.

2. Home invasion in 3rd Ave (11 Dec) – 3 suspects rang the doorbell and were let in as the 1 suspect identified himself as a painter who the family had previously used to do work at their premises. Phones and jewellery were stolen.

3. House burglary in 3rd Ave (15 Dec) – suspects gained entry through burglar bars which they bent. They stole car keys, a car and a laptop. The vehicle has since been recovered.

4. Business burglary in 7th Ave (13 Dec) – forced entry and a laptop was stolen.

On 11 December, there was a hijacking on the corner of Jan Smuts and Bolton (not strictly within the Parksec area but Cortac were on patrol and witnessed the hijacking). Cortac apprehended a suspect and the vehicle was recovered.

Please continue to report any suspicious activity / individuals in the area so we can stop crime before it hits. Remember that aside from the Cortac phone line (086 126 7822) you can also SMS Cortac with details of the suspicious activity (including the location) on 079 502 2750. Please save these numbers to your phone.

Those of you with Apple products please make sure you download the Find my iPhone app on your phone and iPad and make sure you have a record of your username and password (not stored on your phone) which can be used to track your phone / iPad in the event that they are stolen.

Make sure all windows are closed and your alarm is set when you leave the house regardless of the time of day or how long you will be out for.

Follow Parksec on Twitter  and like our Facebook  page for news flashes and lookout information.

Report any crime in the area to


If you’ve had to look twice at anything, please call it in to the Cortac control room 086 126 7822. (You don’t need to be a Cortac subscriber to call in suspicious activity)

For those of you who aren’t yet signed up with Cortac, the more people contributing to the proactive patrolling of the suburbs, the more vehicles Cortac can have patrolling 24/7. Sign up today!

 Special offer: CORTAC are currently offering free transmitters to new armed response clients so please call Cortac now for details.

The police sector vehicle (sector 2) responsible for Parkhurst and Parktown North can be contacted directly on 071 675 6062/3 Parkview Police Station contact numbers are as follows:

  • Switchboard: 011 486 5000

  • Ops Room: 011 486 5057/8

  • Front Desk: 011 486 5038

Please report any suspicious activity by:

  • Calling CORTAC Control Centre on 0861 267 822 / 0878 030 040

  • Sending a “Please Call” message to *140*079 502 2750# (domestic workers)

  • SMS’ing details of the suspicious activity to 079 502 2750


If you have any questions or concerns around safety, or if you would like to join the Parksec proactive security scheme, do not hesitate to contact us on

Keep safe and be aware!

The Parksec Committee



CORTAC specialise in the implementation of Tactical Proactive Security as well as Operational Solutions for Residential, Corporate, Industrial and Mining environments.
= Tactical Security Solutions

  • Alarm/CCTV Monitoring
  • Guarding
  • Tracking
  • Investigations

 Contact Cortac at or 0861 267 822 for further information.

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