Crime Update: 06 January- 12 January 2015

Parkhurst and Parktown North residents and business owners

The following includes crimes reported to Parksec and CORTAC over the period.

Parkhurst – Total : 4  incidents    
Type Location Date and time
Home invasion (1) 1. 6th Ave 1. 08 Jan – 21h14
Residential burglary (1) 1. 3rd St (Greenside side of spruit) 1. 06 Jan – 02h30
Theft of motor vehicle (2) 1. 8th St
2. 9th St
1. 07 Jan – 21h00
2. 11 Jan – 18h30
Parktown North – Total : 3 incidents    
Type Location Date and time
Business burglary (1) 1. Cnr Jan Smuts 1. 06 Jan – AM
Residential burglary (1) 1.7th Ave 1. 07 Jan – 09h20
Attempted residential burglary (1) 1. 6th Ave 1. 06 Jan – 04h00

Please ensure all incidents are reported to Parksec so we are aware of all of the latest crimes and modus operandi in our area. Mail us the details – It is also extremely important to report all incidents (even the attempted incidents) to SAPS so they know the full extent of the criminal activity in the area and can manage resources accordingly. This also enables SAPS to return possessions that are recovered.

More details relating to incidents listed above:

  • The home invasion occurred when suspects gained access to the property by cutting the fence and then entering the house through an open door.
  • The motor vehicle thefts saw the theft of a Toyota Hilux bakkie and a VW Polo parked on the road outside houses.

Parktown North

  • The business burglary occurred when suspects forced open the front door.
  • It is believed that the attempted residential burglary occurred when suspects gained access via a neighbour’s property. They forced open a door and fled when the alarm went off.
  • The residential burglary occurred when residents were away on holiday and access was gained by jumping over the wall. Roof tiles were removed and suspects went into the ceiling and disabled the alarm.

Lessons learned from the above incidents:

  • Ensure gates, garages and doors are not left open!
  • Activate your house alarm and garden beams when you are out during the day and at night.
  • Businesses should have beams around their properties so the alarm is activated prior to criminals gaining access to the building.
  • Have your ceiling alarmed (install a passive) so the alarm is activated should criminals remove roof tiles and access your ceiling.
  • If you see anything that has made you look twice, call it in to the Cortac Control Room on 086 126 7822.

If you are planning functions at home, please ensure you arrange sufficient security to watch the cars and visitors as they arrive and leave.

There have been a few business robberies and burglaries in the precinct recently. SAPS have warned for business owners to be more cautious when locking up at the end of the day. Ensure your business is alarmed and you have a panic button at hand when locking up. Contact your security provider for assistance if required.

Feedback from the monthly CSF (Commnity Safety Forum) Meeting 14 January 2015
SAPS talked through the number of incidents which took place in December 2014 across the whole of the Parkview precinct.

There was a 10% decrease in the number of incidents reported this December compared with that of 2013.
Within the precinct:

  • Vehicle-related crime (either theft of motor vehicle, theft out of motor vehicle (goods) or theft from motor vehicle (parts and accessories) accounted for 45% of the reported incidents (Oct 2014: 46%).
  • Residential burglaries accounted for 33% of reported incidents (Oct 2014: 14%).
  • House robberies made up just less than 4% of the reported incidents (Oct 2014: 10%).

The reason for the higher level of residential burglaries and fewer robberies is that many people were on holiday and houses were left unattended.

Yet again Parkhurst had the most reported incidents out of all suburbs within the precinct accounting for 19% of all reported incidents (Oct 2014: 20%) ; followed closely behind by Craighall Park (18%) and Emmarentia (18%) while Parktown North accounted for 3% of the reported incidents (Oct 2014: 6%). Greenside and Parkview each accounted for 15% of the incidents in the Parkview precinct.

Looking more closely at Parkhurst:

  • 38% of the crime was vehicle related (Oct 2014: 56%).
  • 59% of the incidents in the suburb were either business or residential burglaries (Oct 2014: 15%) – again this is higher than normal due to many houses being left empty while residents were on holiday.
  • 3% of the incidents were robberies with a weapon other than a firearm

Most incidents in the precinct are occurring between midday and 8pm with the majority between 4pm and 8pm. Friday to Sunday are the most popular days for incidents to occur.

If you have any clothes that you no longer need for 8 or 9 year old girls, please let us know. Captain Mkhize, from Parkview SAPS, is collecting clothing for these underprivileged children who live in White City, Soweto. He has described their situation as dire. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

If you would like to arrange a domestic workers meeting for your street/block, please phone Darren Greenberg on 079 368 6084 or email him

We would like to thank those of you who regularly report suspicious activity/people/cars in the area. The more this is done, the safer our suburbs will be. Suspicious behaviour can be reported to the Cortac control room (you needn’t be a Cortac client to use this number – 086 126 7822).

We would  like to thank all of the Parksec WhatsApp administrators who manage their street WhatsApp groups – your help with this initiative is invaluable and greatly appreciated. If you aren’t yet part of your street WhatsApp group, please email with your cell number and physical address and we will see to it that you are added to the relevant group across Parkhurst and Parktown North.

Cortac are involved in SAPS weekly joint operations which, depending on the latest crime patterns in the precinct, target different areas of our precinct. If there is a specific area of concern to you, please let us know and we can ask SAPS to target the area in a future operation.

Cortac have recently been involved in operations along the spruit. This is a growing area of concern and we ask that residents please refrain from giving vagrants clothing, blankets and food as this only encourages them to make the spruit their home and increases levels of crime in our area.. Should you wish to help the homeless we suggest you rather supply an organised shelter or feeding scheme with these things.

Let us know if there are any building sites in the area that you are concerned about. We can arrange a site visit by SAPS and Cortac to make sure all the workers have the necessary paperwork and haven’t previously been involved in any criminal activity.

Many street projects are underway for remote-site monitoring via CCTV security cameras. For a free assessment of your street, please contact Cortac:

Dave Thomas – 083 785 5161 –

Darren Greenberg – 079 368 6084 – .

Benefits of remote-site camera monitoring include, among others  vehicle tracking, public space monitoring and surveillance of suspicious foot traffic.

Follow Parksec on Twitter  and like our Facebook page for news flashes and lookout information as the information becomes available. Please email Parksec ( with the details of incidents you are involved in.

Please continue to report any suspicious activity / individuals in the area so we can stop crime before it hits. Remember that aside from the Cortac control room (086 126 7822) you can also SMS Cortac with details of the suspicious activity (including the location) to 079 502 2750. Please save these numbers to your phone. (You don’t need to be a Cortac subscriber to call in suspicious activity).


The following vehicles have been involved in criminal activity or have acted suspiciously in our area / neighbouring areas:

  • White BMW involved in a business burglary
  • Silver Audi involved in an armed robbery
  • Black 1 series BMW involved in an armed robbery – GP registration plate started with CT.
  • Champagne Toyota RunX reg CT 72 ZV GP involved in an armed robbery
  • Black motor bike with one black male involved in an armed robbery.

Many of the armed robbers drive expensive 4X4s making it difficult for residents to know if they are fellow residents or in fact suspects. If you are at all suspicious and if you have had to look twice, please call it in to the Cortac control room.

Safety tips provided by Cortac:

Property theft continues to be a problem, so please ensure that you observe all necessary safety measures to protect yourself and your belongings.

  • Don’t go out if you hear your dogs barking, criminals could be waiting for you.
  • Always activate your alarm when you leave your residence.
  • Ensure that your domestic worker/gardener is aware of expected deliveries in your absence and don’t allow anyone else to enter.
  • Have proof of identity and home addresses of all employees.
  • Ensure your gates cannot be forced off the runners, or pushed open.
  • Ensure your perimeter is well secured – trim vegetation, check overhanging branches, check fences.
  • Ensure your doors are sturdy, and that they are securely locked when not in use.

For those of you who aren’t yet signed up with Cortac, the more people contributing to the proactive patrolling of the suburbs, the more vehicles Cortac can have patrolling 24/7. Sign up today!

Special offer: CORTAC are offering free transmitters to new armed response clients – call Cortac now to sign up!

Special offerCortac offers special pensioner rates so give them a call for details.

The SAPS sector vehicle (sector 2) responsible for Parkhurst and Parktown North can be contacted directly on 071 675 6062/3

Parkview Police Station contact numbers:

  • Switchboard: 011 486 5000
  • Ops Room: 011 486 5057/8
  • Front Desk: 011 486 5038
  • Sector Manager for Park Sector (Parkhurst and Parktown North) Constable Masupa: 082 534 4857

Please report any suspicious activity by:

–  Calling CORTAC Control Centre on 0861 267 822 / 0878 030 040

–   Sending a “Please Call” message to *140*079 502 2750# (domestic workers)

–   SMS’ing details of the suspicious activity to 079 502 2750

If you would like to find out more about the Parksec security initiative, please email us on Keep safe and be aware! The Parksec Committee


Follow Cortac on Twitter @cortacsecurity Products offered by CORTAC:

  • Tactical solutions, including proactive policing
  • Armed reaction
  • Guarding
  • Alarm and CCTV installations and monitoring
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Forensic and criminal investigations
  • Close protection
  • Logistics and technology modelling and implementation

More info at Contact Cortac at or 0861 267 822 for further information.

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