Crime Update: 13 April – 26 April 2015

Parkhurst and Parktown North residents and business owners

The following includes crimes reported to Parksec and CORTAC over the period.

13 April –  19 April 2015    
Parkhurst – Total : 6 incidents    
Type Location Date and time
Theft of motor vehicle (2) 1. 4th St

2. 20th St

1. 15 Apr – 10h00

2. 15 Apr – 13h15

Attempted theft of motor vehicle (3) 1. 19th St

2. 16th St

3. 17th St cnr 5th Ave

1. 17 Apr – 03h31

2. 17 Apr – 04h30

3. 18 Apr – 13h34

Theft out of motor vehicle – goods (1) 1. 3rd Ave 1. 24 Apr – 16h45
Parktown North – Total : 0 incidents  
Type Location Date and time
20 April –  26 April 2015    
Parkhurst – Total : 4 incidents  
Type Location Date and time
Property theft (1) 1. 5th St 1. 21 Apr – 12h20
Theft of motor vehicle (2) 1. 16th St

2. Cnr 4th Ave cnr & 14th St

1. 22 Apr – 14h29

2. 24 Apr – 16h45

Attempted theft of motor vehicle (1) 1. 20th St 1. 20 Apr – 20h30
Parktown North – Total : 0 incidents    
Type Location Date and time


  • All 4 of the cars stolen in Parkhurst were VW Polos which were parked on the street.
  • Of the 4 cars that were logged as attempted thefts, 2 were VW Polos and the other 2 were a Toyota Yaris and a Mercedes.
  • The theft out of motor vehicle involved a Honda Jazz which was broken into and an iPad and headphones were stolen from the vehicle.
  • The property theft involved 2 suspects claiming to be repairmen at a house undergoing renovations. They distracted the victim and fled with a laptop and cell phone. They were driving a white Toyota Corolla.

Parktown North:

  • There were no Parktown North incidents reported to us over the period.

Lessons learned from the above incidents:

  • As always we ask that NO possessions are left in parked cars regardless of whether they are on the street or behind a gate in the driveway.
  • Avoid parking VW Polos in the road.
  • Ensure there is strict control of contractors’ comings and goings when building is underway. Also ensure that once the work is complete on the house that no one lets in contractors claiming to be returning to fix something, without the home owner’s permission. If in doubt, domestic workers should always call the home owner themselves (don’t let the contractor pretend to call the homeowner from the gate) and find out if the contractor should be let in.
  • Report anything that doesn’t look right to Cortac on 086 126 7822.

Please continue to alert us to any incidents at the Parktown Quarter centre so we can monitor crime there.

Just today we received feedback from SAPS of neglectful residents in action. Please residents, we urge you to take responsibility. There were garage doors left open, gates left open, people saying lengthy hello’s and goodbyes on the road. There were also cars parked with windows left open. We can’t expect SAPS and our security providers to protect us from criminals if we aren’t taking necessary steps to protect ourselves.

We would like to extend our thanks and best wishes to Colonel Moodley who retired as Parkview Station Commander today. We so appreciate all that he has done for the community, running an efficient station and protecting us, given the limited resources available to SAPS. We would like to wish him everything of the best for his new chapter. We would like to welcome and support Colonel Mohlanga who will be the Acting Station Commander.

Following xenophobic attacks, SAPS circulated the following information relating to the employment of foreign nationals. Please take note that it is the employer’s responsibility to ensure all employees have the necessary permits. Construction sites in the area will be checked and construction business owners’ will be at risk of arrest should their employees not have the necessary paperwork.

Doc - p1

Doc - p2

If you have any clothes that you no longer need for anyone ranging from 8 years of age to young adults, please let us know ( Captain Mkhize, from Parkview SAPS, is collecting clothing for these underprivileged children who live in White City, Soweto and he has described their situation as dire. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks to those of you who regularly report suspicious activity/people/cars in the area. The more this is done, the safer our suburbs will be. Suspicious behaviour can be reported to the Cortac control room (you needn’t be a Cortac client to use this number – 086 126 7822).

We would like to thank all of the Parksec WhatsApp administrators who manage their street WhatsApp groups – your help with this initiative is invaluable and greatly appreciated. If you aren’t yet part of your street WhatsApp group, please email with your cell number and physical address and we will see to it that you are added to the relevant group across Parkhurst and Parktown North. Our 9th Ave, Parktown North WhatsApp administrator is moving out of the area and we are looking for a 9th Ave resident to take over this group. Please let us know if you’re able to help with this.

Cortac are involved in SAPS weekly joint operations which, depending on the latest crime patterns in the precinct, target different areas of our precinct. If there is a specific area of concern to you, please let us know and we can ask SAPS to target the area in a future operation.

Let us know if there are any building sites in the area that you are concerned about. We can arrange a site visit by SAPS and Cortac to make sure all the workers have the necessary paperwork and haven’t previously been involved in any criminal activity.

Follow Parksec on Twitter  and like our Facebook page for news flashes and lookout information as the information becomes available.

Please email Parksec ( with the details of incidents you are involved in.

Please continue to report any suspicious activity / individuals in the area so we can stop crime before it hits. Remember that aside from the Cortac control room (086 126 7822) you can also SMS Cortac with details of the suspicious activity (including the location) to 079 502 2750. Please save these numbers to your phone. (You don’t need to be a Cortac subscriber to call in suspicious activity).


The following vehicles have been involved in criminal activity or have acted suspiciously in our area / neighbouring areas:

  • White Toyota Corolla involved in theft from a home in Parkhurst.
  • Black Mini Cooper involved in the attempted theft of a motor vehicle.
  • White Ford Bantam bakkie with canopy – involved in an armed robbery in the precinct. Suspects wore reflective clothing and pretended to phone the home owner and then told the domestic worker to let them in.
  • Silver Subaru and a white VW Polo Classic were both involved in different attempted car thefts in Parkhurst.
  • White C-Class Mercedes involved in a follow home from Hyde Park Shopping Centre.

Many of the armed robbers drive expensive 4X4s making it difficult for residents to know if they are fellow residents or in fact suspects. If you are at all suspicious and if you have had to look twice, please call it in to the Cortac control room.

The SAPS sector vehicle (sector 2) responsible for Parkhurst and Parktown North can be contacted directly on 071 675 6062/3 Parkview Police Station contact numbers:

  • Switchboard: 011 486 5000
  • Ops Room: 011 486 5057/8
  • Front Desk: 011 486 5038
  • Sector Manager for Park Sector (Parkhurst and Parktown North) Constable Makhudu: 082 548 7307 or 071 675 6062 or 071 675 6063

Please report any suspicious activity by: –

–  Calling CORTAC Control Centre on 0861 267 822 / 0878 030 040

–  Sending a “Please Call” message to *140*079 502 2750# (domestic workers)

–  SMS’ing details of the suspicious activity to 079 502 2750

If you would like to find out more about the Parksec security initiative, please email us on

Keep safe and be aware!

The Parksec Committee

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