Crime Update: 17 August – 06 September 2015

Parkhurst and Parktown North residents and business owners

The following includes crimes reported to us over the period.

17 August – 06 September 2015:

Parkhurst – Total : 10 incidents    
Type Location Date and time
Residential burglary (2) 1. 6th Ave
2. 13th St
1. 17 Aug – 04h15
2. 20 Aug – 02h32
Business burglary (1) 1. Cnr 4th Ave & 9th St 1. 02 Sep – 09h25
Common assault (1) 1. Cnr 4th Ave & 21st St 1. 25 Aug – 07h15
Theft out of motor vehicles (3) 1. Cnr 5th Ave & 11th St
2. Cnr 5th Ave & 11th St
3. Cnr 5th Ave & 11th St
1. 23 Aug – daytime
2. 23 Aug – daytime
3. 23 Aug – daytime
Theft of motor vehicle (1)   1. 06 Sep – 15h00
Theft of property (2) 1. 7th St
2. Cnr 4th Ave & 14th St
1. 31 Aug – 07h57
2. 06 Sep – 18h25


Parktown North – Total : 1 incident    
Type Location Date and time
Theft out of motor vehicle (1) 1. Cnr 7th Ave & 3rd Ave 1.  02 Sept – 16h35

More details relating to incidents listed above:


  • Both residential burglaries involved the theft of bicycles from garages.
  • Business burglary – no sign of forced entry but goods were stolen.
  • Three cars were broken into at the same location but no valuables were taken.
  • The stolen car was a gold Toyota Corolla.
  • The common assault involved an assault and attempted rape of a victim.
  • A handbag with cash and car keys was stolen from a restaurant.
  • A resident has 2 CCTV cameras stolen from outside their property.

Parktown North

  • Another car jamming incident at Parktown Quarter shopping centre but the car jamming device didn’t pick up on this activity. Shopper’s laptop and gym bag were stolen from the car.

Lessons learned from the above incidents:

  • Always ensure garages are locked and alarmed at night.
  • Don’t leave handbags over the back of chairs at restaurants.
  • Don’t leave valuables in cars. Always ensure that you physically double check your car door handle to ensure your vehicle is locked, having locked it with your remote control.
  • Report anything that doesn’t look right to Cortac on 086 126 7822.

SAPS have asked for residents to please be patient when reporting incidents to them. Please allow SAPS to access your property. It may be a time-consuming process but all the details about the incident are required.
SAPS have recently arrested several suspects relating to trio crimes (house and business robberies and hijackings) and they are able to link theses suspects to other cases given the information they captured at the time of other incidents.
The last few weeks has seen a reduction in crime in the precinct.

Please be extra cautious and aware when withdrawing money from ATMs. Often suspects approach victims as they are walking away from the ATM. They claim that the victim needs to go back to the machine and cancel their transaction. They then rob the victim of his/her card and cash. We encourage residents not to engage in any conversation with strangers at ATMs.
Incidents have occurred at the Parkhurst ATM, Parktown Quarter ATM and well as the Dunkeld West ATM.

Runners / Walkers / Cyclists need to be very careful along the spruit as they head towards Delta Park or Emmarentia as muggings do take place here. Ensure you aren’t alone and avoid taking valuables with you. The same applies to Zoo Lake.

Vagrants are becoming more problematic and are involved in crime. We ask residents to please not supply them with food, blankets, money etc as this is only making crime in the area worse and encouraging more and more vagrants to come to area to beg and later steal. Rather provide food / money / clothing to a registered shelter or charity. Many of the beggars at intersections are becoming increasingly aggressive with residents and this will continue if people continue supporting them, keeping them in our area.

Don’t leave windows open at night – residents are having laptops and other valuables fished out of windows.

When hiring new staff, always ensure you get a copy of their passport and permit or their ID document and get these verified by SAPS. Make copies too and ensure you have their residential address (should they not be living on your property) as well as contact numbers of relatives.

As always we ask that you do not give your gardener a remote for your gate or garage while he is working on the pavement. Rather control access to the gate / garage from inside the house and make sure you have a system (a codeword) in place so you know if there is a problem at the gate when your gardener  rings the bell.

There have been incidents of theft out of handbags that have taken place in shops in the area and we urge residents to keep their handbags closed and on their bodies (not left in the trolley) while doing your shopping.


  • Old shape, powder blue Toyota Corolla involved in follow-homes and robberies.
  • Silver Jetta with SA flags on the side mirrors involved in incidents in neighbouring precinct.

Cortac are involved in SAPS weekly joint operations which, depending on the latest crime patterns in the precinct, target different areas of our precinct. If there is a specific area of concern to you, please let us know and we can ask SAPS to target the area in a future operation.

Let us know if there are any building sites in the area that you are concerned about. We can arrange a site visit by SAPS and Cortac to make sure all the workers have the necessary paperwork and haven’t previously been involved in any criminal activity.

Follow Parksec on Twitter  and like our Facebook page for news flashes and lookout information as the information becomes available.

Please email Parksec ( with the details of incidents you are involved in.

Please continue to report any suspicious activity / individuals in the area so we can stop crime before it hits. Remember that aside from the Cortac control room (086 126 7822) you can also SMS Cortac with details of the suspicious activity (including the location) to 079 502 2750. Please save these numbers to your phone. (You don’t need to be a Cortac subscriber to call in suspicious activity).

The SAPS sector vehicle (sector 2) responsible for Parkhurst and Parktown North can be contacted directly on 071 675 6062/3

Parkview Police Station contact numbers:

  • Switchboard: 011 486 5000
  • Ops Room: 011 486 5057/8
  • Front Desk: 011 486 5038
  • Sector Manager for Park Sector (Parkhurst and Parktown North) Constable Makhudu: 082 548 7307 or 071 675 6062 or 071 675 6063

Please report any suspicious activity by:

–    Calling CORTAC Control Centre on 0861 267 822 / 0878 030 040
–    Sending a “Please Call” message to *140*079 502 2750# (domestic workers)
–    SMS’ing details of the suspicious activity to 079 502 2750

If you would like to find out more about the Parksec security initiative, please email us on

Keep safe and be aware!

The Parksec Committee



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