Crime Update: 19 August – 25 August 2014

Parkhurst and Parktown North residents and business owners

The following includes crimes reported to Parksec and CORTAC over the period.

Parkhurst – Total: 1 incident  
Type Location Date and time
Theft out of motor vehicle – goods (1) 1. 5th St 1. 24 Aug – 21h41
Parktown North – Total: 1 incident  
Type Location Date and time
Attempted break-in (1) 1. Sutherland Ave 1. 24 Aug – 19h00

Please ensure all incidents are reported to Parksec so we are aware of all of the latest crimes and modus operandi in our area. Mail us the details –
It is also extremely important to report all incidents (even the attempted incidents) to SAPS so they know the full extent of the criminal activity in the area and can manage resources accordingly. Sometimes things are recovered by SAPS but if an incident isn’t reported then there is no way of knowing whose possessions have been recovered.

As mentioned in our previous report, Cortac successfully apprehended 3 suspects who attempted to break into 2 properties in Sutherland Ave, Parktown North on Sunday, 24 Aug. Well done to everyone involved in the arrests. The suspects will appear in court next week.

Earlier in the week there was a car-jamming incident at the Greenside Shopping Centre on Greenway, At all shopping centres please make sure you double check your car doors are locked when locking your car with your remote. Also ensure that valuables are not left in the car.

SAPS has asked residents and visitors to our area, to refrain from leaving cars in the street overnight. This often happens when visitors come to Parkhurst / Parktown North for dinner or drinks and because they are unable to drive home, having had too many drinks, they end up leaving their cars in our streets overnight. Please let friends who don’t live in the area know that if they will be going out in our area, and drinking, it is preferable that they catch a taxi to and from the restaurant/bar instead of leaving their cars on the streets all night.

Again SAPS has warned school children to refrain from listening to music on their cell phones as they walk home or wait for lifts outside school. Walking with music tells the criminals that the children have a phone/iPod and because the children are unable to hear what is going on around them, it makes them very easy targets.  Please advise your children and your domestic worker’s children.

SAPS has asked that you check your domestic workers’ work permits to ensure that they are not working illegally, with an expired permit.

Criminals sometimes hide in dark places waiting for victims. Ensure your street lights are working. If not, please report them to City Power, noting the pole number (from your mobile device) or

As always, we attended the Monthly CSF (Community Safety Forum) meeting at Parkview Police Station. The following is feedback from the meeting:
– SAPS said there has been a drop in house robberies and theft of motor vehicles across all sectors within the Parkview precinct over the last week.
– Parkview SAPS continue to arrange weekly operations with the assistance of security providers. These operations have proved very successful.
– Open gates and garages are still a problem and are the most common means of access by armed robbers in the area. Residents are encouraged to be more aware and to take responsibility for their property. If you see a neighbour’s gate or garage open, please ring their bell and alert them.
– In Parkhurst there were 8 motor vehicle thefts in July 2014, while there were 6 thefts from vehicles (parts & accessories) and 11 thefts out of vehicles (goods). This highlights the need to remove all valuables from cars which are parked on the street and please insist that your visitors bring in their laptops/tablets etc when visiting you.
– The most problematic days across the precinct are Thursday, Friday and Saturday and most crime occurs occur between 8am and midnight.
– If you are going to be having a function at your house, it is highly recommended that you arrange security guards for the duration of the event. 

We really do encourage you all to phone in any suspicious activity/people/vehicles into the Cortac control room on 086 126 7822 – you don’t need to be a Cortac subscriber to make use of this service. 

 There are new vetted private individuals (VPIs) who are working in Parkhurst in their bright jackets which are branded as Parksec and Cortac. They operate around the 4th Ave area and as a result of these men, SAPS continues to see a decline in vehicle related theft in Parkhurst around shops and restaurants. If you’re happy with their service, please feel free to tip them.

Let us know if there are any building sites in the area that you are concerned about. We can arrange a site visit by SAPS and Cortac to make sure all the workers have the necessary paperwork and haven’t previously been involved in any crime.

If you are a victim of any crime in the area, drop us an email ( with the details so we can warn other residents and, wherever possible, avoid similar incidents from occurring. The reporting of incidents also assists Cortac in flagging keys areas to focus on.

The street/block WhatsApp groups used for instant security communication in our suburbs, are up and running. Each street has its own WhatsApp group made up of all the residents in the street. If you would like to join your street WhatsApp group, send us an email ( with your address and cell number. We are still looking for WhatsApp administrators for 2nd and 5th Avenues all in Parktown North.

Many streets have expressed an interest in street remote-site monitoring via CCTV security cameras. For a free assessment of your street, please contact Cortac:
Dave Thomas – 083 785 5161 –
Darren Greenberg – 079 368 6084 – .
Benefits of remote-site camera monitoring include, among others –  vehicle tracking, public space monitoring and surveillance of suspicious foot traffic.

Follow Parksec on Twitter  and like our Facebook  page for news flashes and lookout information as the information becomes available.
Please email Parksec ( with the details of incidents you are involved in.

Please continue to report any suspicious activity / individuals in the area so we can stop crime before it hits. Remember that aside from the Cortac control room (086 126 7822) you can also SMS Cortac with details of the suspicious activity (including the location) to 079 502 2750. Please save these numbers to your phone. (You don’t need to be a Cortac subscriber to call in suspicious activity).


These vehicles have been involved in incidents either in our area or in neighbouring suburbs:

  • White Alpha Romeo 156 which was involved in a house robbery – 3 black male occupants.
  • White Mercedes A Class ( A180) involved in a car theft in Emmarentia.
  • White Audi A4 – 3 black males used a pick axe to force open a door and thereafter rob residents at gunpoint.

SAPS have said that if you see anyone walking with a pick axe (with or without the wooden part), please treat them as suspicious and alert Cortac immediately. 

Many of the armed robbers drive expensive 4X4s making it difficult for residents to know if they are fellow residents or in fact suspects. If you are at all suspicious and if you have had to look twice, please call it in to the Cortac control room.

Cortac safety tips:

  • If asked to stop by an unmarked car with flashing lights, slow down, indicate that you have seen them, put on your hazards and proceed to the nearest SAPS station or Garage/Petrol station (these mainly have cameras in their forecourts.)
  • Keep your vehicle doors locked, windows closed and valuables out of sight whilst driving and especially at traffic lights and other intersections – this goes a long way in preventing Smash & Grabs and Car-Jacking.
  • When using your remote, physically check your doors before walking away, or the criminal’s remotes will override yours and you will become a victim of the ‘jamming device’.  This applies at schools, shopping centres, garages, churches, gyms, etc.  

For those of you who aren’t yet signed up with Cortac, the more people contributing to the proactive patrolling of the suburbs, the more vehicles Cortac can have patrolling 24/7. Sign up today!

Special offer: CORTAC are offering free transmitters to new armed response clients – call Cortac now to sign up!

Special offer: Cortac offers special pensioner rates so give them a call for details.

The SAPS sector vehicle (sector 2) responsible for Parkhurst and Parktown North can be contacted directly on 071 675 6062/3

Parkview Police Station contact numbers:

  • Switchboard: 011 486 5000
  • Ops Room: 011 486 5057/8
  • Front Desk: 011 486 5038
  • Sector Manager for Park Sector (Parkhurst and Parktown North) Constable Masupa: 082 534 4857

Please report any suspicious activity by:

–    Calling CORTAC Control Centre on 0861 267 822 / 0878 030 040
–    Sending a “Please Call” message to *140*079 502 2750# (domestic workers)
–    SMS’ing details of the suspicious activity to 079 502 2750

If you would like to find out more about the Parksec security initiative, please email us on

Keep safe and be aware!

The Parksec Committee



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