Parksec September 2013 Newsletter

Parkhurst and Parktown North residents and businesses

Lookout for these vehicles:

  • White, Green and Silver Audi Q5s and Q7s  – these Audi’s seem to rotate registration plates. It appears some plates are cloned.  There are 6-8 males involved in home invasions and driveway robberies in Parkmore / Sandhurst / Forrest Town /Parktown / Rosebank / Houghton / Waverley.
    These men are all dressed in blue with bullet proof vests. They work with a white VW Transporter / white panel van. They generally follow residents into their driveways as they arrive home. Sometimes some of the suspects are dropped off first and are on foot and they have been known to pretend to be looking for work.

Safety tips

  • Follow-homes from OR Tambo continue to be reported. An incident in Parkview involved an airport shuttle service being followed from the airport. Please be aware and ask your security company to meet you at your house if necessary.
  • Avoid withdrawing large sums of money. Recently there was a follow-home from Benmore Shopping Centre. The victim was withdrawing money to pay staff. Please rather pay staff into bank accounts instead of carrying cash.
  • When approaching your home – turn off the radio, get off your cell phone and concentrate on your surroundings. If you spot anything unusual call Cortac on 086 126 7822.
  • Remember to greet visitors once they are safely inside your property and say your goodbyes to them before they leave your gate or garage. Having conversations on the pavement makes you extremely vulnerable and an easy target for criminals.
  • Report any criminal activity in the area to Parksec and also to the Parkview Police.
  • As the festive season draws closer, criminal activity increases so please remain vigilant at all times.

Crime stats terminology
There is often confusion relating to the types of crime and how they differ. A robbery is a contact crime where the perpetrators come into contact with the victim. Burglaries on the other hand are where the perpetrators and victims do not come into contact with each other at all.
For further information on the different crimes and understanding crime stats – take a look at  – A guide to crime statistics in South Africa: what you need to know.

Signage for Cortac subscribers
We want to make sure that all Cortac subscribers have the correct signage outside their homes. If you are a proactive subscriber (meaning that you contribute to the 24-hour patrols) then you should have a Parksec sign on your wall. If you are also a reactive subscriber (meaning that Cortac responds when your alarm is activated) then you should also have a Cortac sign up outside your house. Please let us know if you are missing a sign.

Regular security meetings
Parksec continues to attend weekly security briefings at the Parkview Police station and will pass on any lookout information as well as new modus operandi that we are aware of. In order for us all to be aware of new strategies and scams, please make sure that any criminal activity in the area is reported to us so we can pass the necessary information on to other residents. Also remember to report all incidents to the Parkview Police – if they are not aware of incidents there is little they can do to stop them happening again.

The Parkview police run weekly operations, with the help of local security companies, to address criminal activity in various areas in the precinct.

There are monthly CSF (Community Security Forum) meetings that take place on the last Wednesday of the month at the Parkview Police Station (6pm in the boardroom upstairs). These meetings are chaired by the CPF (Community Policing Forum). There are representatives from the various suburbs in the precinct and from security firms. If you have any issues you would like to raise, you are welcome to attend. Alternatively, if you would like Parksec to raise something on your behalf, please let us know.

Domestic Watch and Crime Stop meetings
Parktown North:
Penny Steyn runs Domestic Watch meetings once a month at the Parktown North Methodist Church on 7th Ave. The next meeting will take place on the 30th October and will be on Who’s attacking who and what to do.
Meetings are from 12h00 to 13h00 and cost R30 per session. For any further information Call Penny Steyn 082 461 6968 or email

Parkhurst Crime Stop meetings take place on the 2nd Thursday of every month at 2pm at St Paul’s Church, 12th Street. They are open to anyone who works in the area – gardeners, domestic workers etc. Contact: Jenny 082 882 2700 or, Nombulelo 083 858 5688. Costs are covered by Kings Estates.

Residents Associations
This month we feature Parkhurst. October’s newsletter will include information on the Parktown North Residents Association. Please support your Residents Associations.
Parkhurst Village residents and business owners association (PRABOA) is committed to maintaining and promoting the Parkhurst Village environment and quality of life. This is done through various community projects which are funded by the resident’s membership fees and profits from their event projects.
The association serves in terms of the National Constitution, as the fourth tier of Government .It objects to undesirable re-zonings and funds appeals to the Town Planning Tribunal on residents behalf.  As such it is the residents official voice and link to Council and Government.To become a member, download a form
The annual membership fee is R365 per household.

Parkview Police Station – Contact Numbers

  • Switchboard: 011 486 5000
  • Ops Room: 011 486 5057/8
  • Front Desk: 011 486 5038

Parkview precinct covers several suburbs which have been broken down into sectors. Parkhurst and Parktown North form Sector 2. The Parkview police have two phone numbers allocated to Sector 2 that can be called in an emergency. Please save these numbers to your phone:

  • 071 675 6062
  • 071 675 6063

Please report any suspicious activity by:

    • Calling CORTAC Control Centre on 0861 267 822 / 0878 030 040
    • Sending a “Please Call” message to *140*079 502 2750# (domestic workers)

Note that you needn’t be a subscriber to make use of this service.

In order for you to receive all our crime updates, newsflashes and newsletters, please make sure you have visited our website and have added your details to our mailing list. Please also ‘like’ our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter for instant security alerts and lookouts.
Once again, please alert us to any criminal activity you are aware of and remember to report any incidents to the police.
If you have any questions or concerns around safety, or if you would like to join the Parksec proactive security scheme, do not hesitate to contact us, on

Keep safe and be aware!

The Parksec Committee


CORTAC has a technical division which specialises in:
·         CCTV installations
·         Remote CCTV monitoring
·         Fencing
·         Alarm installations

For more information on CORTAC, please visit or call 0878 030 040.

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